1982 Bachelor of Architecture - National University of Singapore
1986 Postgraduate Diploma in Bldg Science - National University of Singapore
1987 Registered Architect - Board of Architects, Singapore
1990 Corporate Member - Singapore Institute of Architects
1982 - 1986 Working for Archibond Architect & Archi-Built Intergrated
1987 to Present Started Architect Practice under the style of Ben Design Architects
1997 to Present Started Practice under the style of BDL Group Architects
2005 Attains Singapore President to proclaim the remarkable public service the title - PBM (National Day Award 2005)
2008 Fire Safety Works Registered Inspector (RI) - Fire Safety Bureau, Singapore
Others Title * Honorary Chairman & Trustee - Wenzhou Clan Association, Singapore
* Honorary Secretary - Sam Kiang Huay Kwan, Singapore
* Overseas Consultant/Foreign Adviser - Wenzhou City Overseas Residents Union Association, PRC